Graham S Cook

Artist Graham S Cook has been a resident creative at the Electric Picture House for five years.


Cheshire Life Article 2021

Artist Graham S Cook worked within the graphic arts industry for nearly forty years in various roles including both analogue art working and digital art working producing designs for many types of printed media.  Graham has ran his own company for the last twenty five years which has encompassed photography, print and digital media producing websites and interactive presentations using video and audio.

During his career he has produced paintings and music during his free time as an artist.

Now semi retired he continues his multi disciplinary art production with enthusiasm working on both paintings and music.


Faces series.  Mixed media portraits of anonymous people painted in a graphic style.

Abstract circuits.  Mixed media textures overlaid with structural or architectural shapes and sub textures giving a bio-industrial-mechanical appearance in both subtle and bright colours and using LED light installations into some works.


Graham has dabbled with electronic music for forty years and remembers well the early eighties where he was inspired by the new sounds and machine like structure of the music which tied in closely with his interest in Sci Fi. His musical range is quite expansive and includes, Synth pop, Industrial, EBM, EDM and Ambient to name a few genres. He recently composed a set of classical pieces for use at his wedding. In the near future he will be collaborating on live performances.

Check out his music website with discography and music videos


Graham does have some work available to listen and buy on most major online platforms including Apple, Spotify etc.

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